I want you to feel comfortable without feeling it

LINEA ‘s proposal “suit” is an item that becomes elegant and warm and gently wraps around the body.
And it is to tailor the elegant movements in various situations.

Styles and details are made up of only traditional and functional items that scrape any extra things.

If “clothes” born from dialogue with many customers from now on can produce your life more gracefully there is no more happiness.

LINEAがご提案させて頂く 「スーツ」とは上品で温もりがあり体を優しく包み込み着る人の一部になるもの。


これから多くのお客様と対話から生まれた”洋服”が 皆様の人生をより優雅に演出できるのであればこれ以上の幸せはありません。